4 Reasons Why You Still Need Traditional Advertising

24 June 2018

traditional advertising

Running a modern business in a digitally-driven world may make you wonder whether there is still a place for traditional advertising such as flyers, banners, decals and posters in your marketing strategy. The simple answer is…yes, absolutely. And here are the 5 reasons why traditional advertising continues to be a must for any business.

  1. Broadcast your messaging to reach a wider audience

Despite consumers being glued to their cellphones, tablets and laptops, they’re still plugged in to TV and radio. Placing an advertisement on television or radio during shows you know your particular target market would be tuned in to, means you’re reaching an audience you may not have through digital or location-based targeting.

  1. They’re ‘always on’

With almost every brand jumping on the digital bandwagon, it has become somewhat saturated, making it harder to capture customers attention. A consumer can be bombarded with up to 10 ads during 60 seconds of scrolling through their feed, forcing many to start blocking ads. Fortunately a banner, billboard or in-store display is impossible to block and ignore forcing your customer to engage.

  1. Traditional ads are well-received

Numerous studies have shown that traditional advertising is warmly received as opposed to “new media” because it is seen as less invasive. Up to 46% of consumers favour a traditional advertisement (e.g a billboard, poster at a bus stop or magazine ad) as opposed to a website or social ad – only 6% of customers appear to like these kinds of ads.

  1. Word of Mouth still trumps anything

Word of mouth or referral marketing is still the number one way to win new customers. This makes your employees your greatest marketing tool! Invest in training them up to fully embody your brands values and provide your customers with a memorable brand experience that will keep them coming back for more…and bringing friends along for the ride!

At PlanPrintSA, we offer poster printing, flyer printing and portable banners to help you maximise your traditional advertising efforts. Our sister company StickerAndLabelSA offer custom decals for your in-store campaigns or vehicle branding.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get the most out of your marketing strategy!