Amazing Architecture To Inspire Your Next Project

13 June 2018

As an architect you may think you’ve seen it all and done it all. But think again! There are some incredible buildings all over the world that take architecture to the next level with their crazy angles, shapes and colours! If you’re knee-deep in plans or renders, take some time out to get inspired with a few of our top pics for the craziest, coolest buildings in the world.

  1. Dancing House, Prague

Aptly nicknamed ‘Fred and Ginger’ due to its resemblance of two dancers, Dancing House can be found in the heart of Prague. Designed by a Croatian and Canadian duo in 1992, the baroque-style building was completed in 1996. 99 concrete pillars support the ‘dancer’ structure and a twisted metal structure sits atop the building which has been dubbed ‘Mary’ by locals. Dancing House certainly caused a stir in its early days but since has become a must-see for tourists, even appearing on a gold Czech coin.

  1. Lotus Temple, New Dehli

The flower-shaped Lotus Temple in New Dehli, India is one of the city’s most well-known and loved structures. Despite being a place of worship, the temple is open to all who wish to visit. Created in 1986 from 27 marble-clad petals, the building has been dubbed the most-visited site in the world by CNN. Lotus Temple (and its humble architect) have won many awards over the years.

  1. Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

Fallingwater in rural Pennsylvania (USA), is one of the most famous private residences in the world. Designed in 1935 by an American architect, the home – built partially over a waterfall – has been named the architect’s ‘most beautiful job’ by Time magazine and was listed on the Smithsonian’s “Life List of 28 Places To Visit Before You Die.”

  1. Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

Skylodge is Peru was likely one of the most challenging projects this architect ever worked on. The adventure hotel consists of 3 pods suspended on the side of Peruvian mountains. Each pod includes a bedroom and bathroom – however travellers must reach their pods through a treacherous climb. We’d certainly be sleeping with one eye open!

We could literally go on and on listing inspiring buildings across the world but we’d be here for days! Hopefully this got the creativity flowing so you can get back to those architectural plans and renders. When your project is complete, remember PlanPrintSA offer full colour as well as black and white plan printing. Simply upload your file on our site and wait for your plans to be delivered to YOU!

Why getting building plans approved is essential

06 June 2018

building plans

You’ve worked hard to make building your dream home a reality. The transfer has gone through and the land is yours. Why does what you build on that property have anything to do with the municipality? Plus, aren’t getting plans approved a long, laborious process? Well, before you forge ahead with building, you might want to read on and get those building plans printed and sent for approval stat!

Break the law, break the bank

Sure, most municipalities don’t have the capacity to send an inspector to each and every building site. The reality is, however, that building plans need to be sent for approval before construction commences.

You see, there are bylaws in place that allow the municipality to not only stop work on unapproved building projects, but to go so far as to demolish any building work done. Yup, you’re going to want to get those building plans sent off sooner rather than later. According to these laws, any new building or any alterations/structural changes to existing buildings require approval from the city council before any work can commence. To further add to this, permission must be requested from the municipality to do renovations on buildings 60 years and older. These are considered national heritage sites.

Wait, there’s more!

Excluded from building plan approvals are small, interior changes that do not affect the buildings structural integrity and/or alter the exterior appearance.

So, should you commence renovations or break ground without getting your building plans approved, and the building inspector drops in for a visit, you’re in all kinds of trouble. He/she is empowered to stop construction, impose hefty fines upon you and depending on the transgression, they can call for the work to be demolished at the property owner’s cost. Yikes!

The past could come back to haunt you…

Should you get away with it initially, it could come back to haunt you should you ever choose to sell your home. When a building is sold, building plans are requested by the city council. Should they not match the buildings existing structure or if the owner is unable to provide approved plans, the home or renovations can be torn down. Furthermore, if a home is sold to a buyer who wishes to do alterations and the existing owner cannot supply plans, the buyer has the right to cancel the sale.


Skipping the approval process for your building plans will cause more of a problem than it will do any good. It is best to be patient and follow through on the process for peace of mind. Remember, you can get black and white as well as full colour building plans printed with us. Simply upload your plans on our site and wait for them to be delivered to you!


5 Ways Architecture Students Can Start Their Own Businesses

16 May 2018

Let’s be real – you put in a heck of a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to graduation. Now it’s time to reap the rewards after years of studying. However, many architectural graduates leave university only to land up in firms that pay them less than the office secretary when they have a highly refined set of skills on offer.

If you’re an architectural graduate ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship, this might be the push you need to embark on the most exciting, challenging and rewarding journey you’ll ever go on. Being a boss.

  1. Offer a 3D Rendering Service

Many traditional firms get a bit lazy, and present architectural drawings to clients in 2D alone. However, it’s important to remember that the client isn’t trained like you are, to understand what everything on the drawing means. A 3D render is far more appealing to the untrained eye as it gives them a more tangible idea of what their project is going to look like. Set up a portfolio with your past work and send it to developers and builders who you could collaborate with on future projects.

  1. Offer a Residential Drafting Service

The law requires at the very least a draft plan to be created for any residential alterations or extensions. A scribble by the builder or client simply won’t do. Advertise your services on Facebook, Gumtree or even in local publications and don’t be surprised by the influx of enquiries – your specialised skillset is in demand!

  1. Start a ‘How To’ Blog With Industry-Relevant Tips

Become known as an expert in your field. Not only can this land you big contracts, it can also get you started as a tutor for current architectural students, get you guest lecture or speaking gigs and even allow you to sell eBooks if you position yourself as an authority figure.

  1. Create a YouTube Channel

How many times have you turned to YouTube to troubleshoot issues using tutorial videos? Lost count? Us too. You could be that guy/gal others turn to for help! Get enough views and you’ll be making money off your videos in no time.

  1. Make Use of Freelancing Platforms

A quick Google search will show you there is a world of work waiting to be tapped into. Freelancing sites connect you with clients across the world, so be prepared to set-up a PayPal account as you could be getting paid in Dollars or Pounds for projects you work on. is a great site to get started on, as is

It’s easy to take the first low paying job that comes your way but know the financial value of your rare skills and knowledge. With a little persistence (which you’re used to by now) and effort, you’ll be well on your way to entrepreneurship in no time! And remember, PlanPrintSA offer full colour as well as black and white printing of architectural drawings. Upload your plans on the site and your plans will be delivered to your door within 24 hours.