8 Steps to Launching Your Interior Design Business

17 July 2018

interior design

You’ve graduated and have the certificate to prove it but what now? You may be itching to put those carefully honed interior design skills to good use, but your first order of business is getting your brand off the ground. It may feel overwhelming but by following these 8 simple steps, you’ll be ready to wow clients in no time.

  1. Get A Professional Website Built

It may be tempting to DIY a website, but your first investment in your business should be hiring a professional to create one for you. This is where most of your customers will get their first impression of you. It is imperative your website is sleek, professional and informative. Include shots from your portfolio, your services and contact information.

  1. Build A Portfolio

You can’t charge premium fees straight out the gates, especially if you’ve got nothing to show potential clients. Spend some time building up a portfolio by offering to do some projects for free. Examples of this are styled shoots and small jobs for family or friends.

  1. Take Killer Pictures

There’s no point building a portfolio filled with blurry, unappealing pictures. Once you finish a shoot-worthy project, hire a student photographer to capture your hard work in a way that will attract potential customers.

  1. Define What You Offer

There are many spheres within the field of interior design…are you an interior architect who designs kitchens, fixtures and furniture? Or are you an interior designer who creates detailed renders before a décor job is started? Or are you simply an interior decorator who gives clients advice on colour and décor elements? State this clearly in all your messaging and on your website – they are worlds apart!

  1. Know Your Target Market

Depending on which direction you’ve decided to go in (as per point number 4), will determine who your target market is. If you’re an interior architect you’ll want to get in touch with building contractors and architects, to work hand in hand on projects. If you’re an interior designer, your clients will include the above as well as individuals and businesses who may want to revamp their homes or offices.

  1. Sustainability is Key

While it is a noble idea to want to service people who want interior design help on a budget, it is not sustainable or good business practice. You’ll end up not making a profit which means you’re basically working for free. You’ve got bills to cover too…

  1. Promote Your Business

Market your business however possible…flyers, brochures, magazine ads, social media, YouTube videos, blog posts. Do them all! It would once again be worth your while to hire a brand manager or social media manager to do this for you to ensure content is consistent and professional.

  1. Build Connections

Relationships are key in business.  Constantly build connections with industry experts, designers and makers. Collaborate with one another, help one another and you’ll see positive results in all your businesses.

We hope that got you excited to get your interior design business going! If you require your interior design plans or renders to be printed, visit PlanPrintSA. Simply upload your file on our easy to use website, make payment and get the plans delivered in 1-2 working days.

Amazing Architecture To Inspire Your Next Project

13 June 2018

As an architect you may think you’ve seen it all and done it all. But think again! There are some incredible buildings all over the world that take architecture to the next level with their crazy angles, shapes and colours! If you’re knee-deep in plans or renders, take some time out to get inspired with a few of our top pics for the craziest, coolest buildings in the world.

  1. Dancing House, Prague

Aptly nicknamed ‘Fred and Ginger’ due to its resemblance of two dancers, Dancing House can be found in the heart of Prague. Designed by a Croatian and Canadian duo in 1992, the baroque-style building was completed in 1996. 99 concrete pillars support the ‘dancer’ structure and a twisted metal structure sits atop the building which has been dubbed ‘Mary’ by locals. Dancing House certainly caused a stir in its early days but since has become a must-see for tourists, even appearing on a gold Czech coin.

  1. Lotus Temple, New Dehli

The flower-shaped Lotus Temple in New Dehli, India is one of the city’s most well-known and loved structures. Despite being a place of worship, the temple is open to all who wish to visit. Created in 1986 from 27 marble-clad petals, the building has been dubbed the most-visited site in the world by CNN. Lotus Temple (and its humble architect) have won many awards over the years.

  1. Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

Fallingwater in rural Pennsylvania (USA), is one of the most famous private residences in the world. Designed in 1935 by an American architect, the home – built partially over a waterfall – has been named the architect’s ‘most beautiful job’ by Time magazine and was listed on the Smithsonian’s “Life List of 28 Places To Visit Before You Die.”

  1. Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

Skylodge is Peru was likely one of the most challenging projects this architect ever worked on. The adventure hotel consists of 3 pods suspended on the side of Peruvian mountains. Each pod includes a bedroom and bathroom – however travellers must reach their pods through a treacherous climb. We’d certainly be sleeping with one eye open!

We could literally go on and on listing inspiring buildings across the world but we’d be here for days! Hopefully this got the creativity flowing so you can get back to those architectural plans and renders. When your project is complete, remember PlanPrintSA offer full colour as well as black and white plan printing. Simply upload your file on our site and wait for your plans to be delivered to YOU!