How To Create A Winning Employee Training Manual

13 November 2018

training manual

An employee training manual should be standard practice.

Training is an essential part of employee growth and development. In South Africa, in particular, much emphasis is put onto the importance of training within the workplace. Thus during and after a training session, employees will engage with training materials again and again to reinforce what has been learnt – it’s impossible to absorb new skills and knowledge in one session. The process of learning takes time.

This is why it’s vital businesses conducting training put together effective, easy-to-navigate and comprehensive training manuals for trainees to refer back to regularly. The following elements are essential to include in any training manual:

  1. Introduction

The welcome and introduction page should briefly describe the purpose of the training and possibly a programme for the day. It could also be worth having the date of the session included as well as facilitator name and contact information. This page should be simple but visually appealing to draw in the trainee.

  1. Objectives

This is imperative as it helps give the trainee a clear picture of what they will be learning and reinforce the end goal.

  1. Modules

This is the meat of your training session, the new knowledge and skills your trainees need to absorb. Ensure this section is neatly laid-out with clear numbered sections, headings and bullet points. Pictures, diagrams and charts can help aid the learning process while links to video clips/podcasts/slideshows can enrich the learning experience and be referred back to at a later stage. It is also worthwhile including real-world scenarios or examples when explaining new concepts to help the learner better grasp and relate to the information.

  1. Assessments

Including a couple of simple questions at the end of each module is a great way to reinforce what has just been covered. It forces the trainee to really engage with the information and put their new knowledge/skills to practical use.

  1. Glossary

If there are new terms of concepts introduced in the training session, it is a good idea to include a glossary. This way employees can go back and look up anything they don’t immediately understand.

  1. Additional Information

If there are blogs, books, videos or podcasts that could be helpful to employees wishing to explore new concepts and ideas further it would be a good idea to include names and/or links in this section.

A final tip for a winning employee training manual would be to remember the people you are aiming to teach are not robots, they are human. Avoid too much unnecessary jargon and instead keep it light, simple and to-the-point. Follow these simple tips and you’re set up for success.

We do bulk printing of training manuals to ensure learning material is well-presented, legible and professional. Get in touch with us for a quote – and remember we deliver across South Africa!


Why It’s Worth Getting Bulk Printing Done Professionally

24 October 2018

bulk printing

One of the lesser known services offered at PlanPrintSA is bulk printing of a variety of documents. Regardless of what your industry or requirements are, we can accommodate any large scale printing projects.

Our Equipment

We utilise a production digital printer for bulk printing jobs. These machines can print on up to 300gsm quality paper as well as with high gloss finish if required. Fiery, our pre-production image processor, ensures colours are perfectly matched. This results in a much higher print quality as well as increasing productivity, to get your bulk printing job out faster.

Who Needs Bulk Printing?

Most organisations will need to do bulk printing at some point in their lifespan. However, there are certain industries that tend to require bulk printing more often. Here are a couple examples of the kind of mass printing projects we do on a regular basis:

  • Training Industry – businesses that provide training to corporates require bulk printing of training manuals for delegates. These need to look uniform, professional and most importantly, be legible.
  • Corporates – both private and public corporates require company brochures and annual reports. A brochure is an important customer/client touchpoint before they decide whether to do business with you, so ensuring these are high quality it vital. Annual reports are presented to shareholders and investors, so also need to be professional and neatly presented.
  • Built Environment – building contractors, architects and construction companies will often need to put tender documents together for big project proposals. We ensure these are legible and beautifully presented to help you land that big job!
  • Events – event companies need bulk printing of invitations, programmes and tickets.
  • Travel Industry – travel agencies put regular brochures together with specials and destination advice. These tend to contain many images, so printing needs to be high quality and most likely with a gloss finish to give it a “magazine” appeal.
  • Education – schools and particularly universities often handout study guides or appendices to study material. We can bind these to make them easy for students to work with.

Benefits of Professional Bulk Printing With PlanPrintSA

  • Time saving – imagine how long it would take to print 1000 documents on a regular printer? FOREVER! We offer quick turnaround times to get your documents ready for dissemination sooner!
  • Cost-efficient – printing using your office printer will use a number of ink cartridges. It is far more cost effective to get bulk printing done by a professional.
  • Experienced Team – our production team are very experienced and can easily troubleshoot any problems that may arise during printing. You’ll also have access to a talented team of graphic designers who can tweak your documents to ensure the finished product is perfect.
  • Convenience – you don’t need to step foot out of your office when ordering through us. We deliver your finished order to your office via courier anywhere in South Africa. We also offer delivery into Africa via DHL.

Get a quote on bulk printing with us by popping us a mail at or fill in our contact form here. One of our friendly customer service experts will be in contact shortly with all the information you require.