Getting The Most Out Of Your Full Colour Posters

20 September 2018

full color posters

In order to effectively compete, a business needs to attract as much as attention from customers and potential customers as possible. Without effective marketing campaigns that set you apart and get people talking, it’s going to be real tough to get your business reaching its full potential.

One of the most cost effective and simple ways to gain public interest is through full colour posters. The great thing about them is they can be customised to any size, colour, quantity and quality – especially if you choose to print through us!

We’ve summarised our top tips for creating the most attention-grabbing posters to draw those crowds in quicker than you ever thought possible.

Keep The Background Neutral

There’s nothing more off-putting than a poster that’s so bright and colourful it makes your eyes hurt. Avoid this for your own full colour posters by keeping the background colours light. A lighter background will help the text stand out and make the information easier to read, thereby enhancing the important details as opposed to competing with them.

Don’t Go Colour-Crazy

It can be tempting to go wild with colour to try and “draw the eye” of your audience but this tactic might just end up repelling them! Limit the number of colours used on your full colour posters to a maximum of 2 to 3. Anything more can start to lack tacky. In fact, Monochromatic posters have been found to perform better because they appear more balanced to the untrained eye.

Consult the Colour Wheel

Choose effective colour combinations by consulting the all-powerful colour wheel! Colours opposite each other on the wheel are complementary which means they’ll create an impactful contrast. Colours adjacent to one another can also create a consistent colour scheme that keeps quite a uniform look.

Place Strategically

Full colour posters are mostly used for marketing campaigns in stores and offices. Be sure to place your posters in areas where there is constant, heavy foot traffic such as in the window or behind your reception/checkout desk.

Pick Your Paper

We offer customers a number of options in terms of stock card to print their full colour posters on. Standard poster printing is done on either a 125gsm or 200gsm matte-coated paper/card. This is great for posters which will be hung in fluorescent lighting as light won’t reflect off of them and impair view. We also offer a semi-gloss pearl lustre paper quality that is textured to diffuse light. These are both suitable for shops, restaurants, NGOs, banks, corporates and small businesses.

Should you be printing full colour posters of photographs, we offer 240gsm high-gloss photo paper to give your photos a beautiful finish. This is useful for private customers wanting to frame special photos to hang in homes or offices.

When you’re done with your designs and choosing your paper quality, order your full colour posters from us online. We offer fast turnaround times and offer you delivery for your convenience. With something for every business and budget, PlanPrintSA is the only way to go.