3 Advantages of Laser & Inkjet Printing

26 August 2018


In order to produce your beautiful posters and signage, we use our state-of-the-art Canon printers. Inkjet and laser printers are commonplace in almost every office due to their reliability and ability to produce top drawer output.  These machines are not only able to produce black-and-white documents with high-resolution graphics and text but process a wide variety of media as well.

But wait…what’s the difference between Inkjet and Laser?

Inkjet printers create documents by spraying precise droplets of ink onto the paper. These printers are programmed to determine the precise location, the amount of ink to be used and the mixing of ink colours to create thousands of different shades. The printer cartridge merges an ink supply with an intricate spraying mechanism, moving the cartridge back and forth over the paper to produce the finished product one line at a time.

Laser printers have a very different mechanism, more similar to a copying machine. They use a drum-and-toner system, wherein a laser beam copies the document contents onto the metal drum onto which toner powder clings. A combination of heat and pressure force the toner off the drum and onto the paper, producing the output.

So now that we know how these machines differ, let’s take a look at the advantages of both.

  1. They Produce High-Res Outputs

Both inkjet and laser printers create images as collections of tiny dots…the more dots that make up an image, the clearer they will appear when printed out. Generally, inkjet and laser printers have resolutions of 600 to 2400 dots per inch (dpi). A resolution of 1200 dpi – in which the dots are clustered together tighter than the human eye can detect – will result in beautiful quality text and images.

  1. They’re Quiet

Old printers were very noisy and often had to be in another room altogether to avoid disrupting an entire office every time someone printed! Modern laser and inkjet printers are quiet and tend to produce very little noise when in use, making them suitable for open plan office environments.

  1. They’re Flexible

Inkjet and laser printers accommodate a variety of sizes and therefore can be used in a variety of applications including large format plan printing, posters and other signage. Depending on the machine, the paper tray adjusts accordingly depending on required output size.


If you require black-and-white or colour plan printing, flyers, banners, posters or manuals printed, order through our easy-to-use website. Upload your files here, pay by card or EFT and have your order couriered to your door.